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What is the difference between the PIN and the Activation Key
This PIN will give you access to the screen where you will get your Activation Key and the URL to install your products, but is not the Activation Key of the Product.
What is this PIN
This PIN is a 16 characters code that will allow you to get the Activation Key and the Download URL of the product you have purchased.
Can I use my PIN more than once
Of course; you can check your key through your PIN Code as many times as you decide. This PIN is linked to your unique key.
Can I use my PIN in different devices
Yes, you can redeem this PIN in any device that has a browser. But we advise to redeem this PIN in the machine where you will install the product.
My PIN is not working
Check in your ticket that the PIN code and the URL are correct. Every PIN belongs only to one URL. If it does not work, please check with the store where you purchased the product.
My Download URL is not working
If your Download URl is not working, please Contact Us(the contact us must be a link to the Contact Us page)